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After a very long, accidental hiatus from Vogue Mondays, we are finally back! We adore blogging, and have missed it so much. However, we were struggling to figure out where exactly we fit when it came to the blogging world. Everything now seems very over-saturated, insincere and with a lot of rules and regulations about the kind of things you should and shouldn't share. We began to feel that in order to stay in "the game" we would also have to censor ourselves, which we just didn't agree with. In a world where bloggers now seem terrified to simply mention if they follow a religion, or to touch on a major world crisis, we felt a bit deflated. It got to the point where we were beginning to dislike what we were posting, and why we were posting. We were putting out images and content that we weren't even happy with just to keep up with our schedule, which in turn meant that we began to begrudge taking photos and writing posts, and it was difficult to get back in to it after that.

Going forward, we want to ensure that the content we put out there is filled with photographs and writing that we are proud of. Instead of conforming to certain rules, we want to branch out a bit more and experiment more. We want to incorporate a lot more of our own personal thoughts in to this space. We want to be able to talk about issues that we feel need to be discussed. Basically, we want to learn more, create more and let our blog grow and improve organically. As such, we have deleted the posts we hated, and have updated our About Us page etc.

We are still very firm in that we will never work with a brand we aren't actually interested in, that we don't agree with, or that we wouldn't recommend to one of our own personal friends. As people who have witnessed this burst in the blogger/youtuber world, and with that the growing distrust between creator and viewer, we are adamant that we will not be a part of that. Although we are only a small blog, we did have some amazing experiences and were sent some products that we absolutely loved. However, we always disclosed this and will continue to do so in the future.

We understand that sharing an outfit you wore one weekend, or your favourite beauty products of the moment isn't exactly extraordinary or life-altering, but that's the fun in it! The difference this time is that combined with these relaxed posts, we will share our opinions on the world around us, and touch on topics such as Feminism and Vegetarianism/Veganism, which are very important to us both. We also hope to share the thoughts and opinions of people we find inspiring, which we are sure will make this little internet-nook of ours a more interesting place.

We are thrilled to be back and hope you are all glad to see us again!


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