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Beverly Hills toothpaste - c/o The Whole Caboodle (available at Superdrug) | Black Amber perfume - Zara | The Balm Mary Lou-Manizer - Feel Unique £17.50 | NARS Matte Multiple - Space NK £30 | Cleansing peel - Superdrug £7.99 (now on sale!) 
My first favourite this month is a bit of an unusual one, but this toothpaste is literally amazing. I was sent it a little while ago now and was really intrigued by it due to the colour - it's actually black. It has activated charcoal in it which is proven to be one of the most effective and safest teeth whitening ingredients. I've used Beverly Hills before and have loved their products, my mum only ever uses their toothpastes and has for as long as I can remember! I wasn't expecting that much from it and expected it to be like any other whitening toothpaste, but this one is so different. I instantly noticed an improvement in the colour of my teeth and have even had people comment on how much whiter they look. I've actually finished this tube already and will definitely be picking up another. Before this I had actually been trawling the internet trying to find the best home teeth whitening kit - but now I'm not even going to bother!

My other absolute favourite of this past month has been The Balm highlighter. I've seen countless beauty bloggers and youtubers rave about it but was always put off by the price, but while Feel Unique were having a sale I just couldn't resist. It's so worth the money and I can't put in to words how glad I am that I bought it. It's definitely more for a night out or weekend look and I wouldn't wear it on a normal day, but the colour is so pretty and it gives the most amazing glow. I can't really explain what's so great about it, but out of the many many highlighters I've tried, this one is miles better than them all.

The others I've talked about before other than the perfume, but you all know how much I love Zara's fragrances! I'm still obsessed with the NARS Matte Multiple and don't know how I lived without it before. The cleansing peel is another great accidental find that I've increasingly liked each time I've used it. It gives an instant boost to the skin and makes it look so much brighter and healthy.

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