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Cashmere Velvetine - Lime Crime $20 (approx £13) | Salem Velvetine - Lime Crime $20 (approx £13) | Choker - Vine & Melrose £4.50 | Ohm earrings - Vine & Melrose £2.50 | Eye earrings - Nasty Gal £9
I've been lusting after Salem for so long and actually had it on my Christmas wishlist, but no UK stockists ever seemed to have it in stock. Once Cashmere was released I just had to get my hands on them both and figured that paying extra for shipping from the official Lime Crime website would be worth it to have the two of them in my life. Cashmere is a nude/beige colour with a hint of grey and lilac, Salem is a chocolatey brown, and they're both super matte once dried. I've never came across a product anywhere close to the level the Lime Crime products are on, and the Velvetines have also blew me away. The colours, the pigmentation, packaging and staying power are all incredible. I actually swatched them both on my hand then fell asleep, when I woke up they were still put, and I had to scrub and scrub to get them off! When you consider that these are actually cheaper than a MAC lipstick, it's crazy to even think twice about purchasing. I would recommend these to anyone and everyone! There's a wide variety of colours to choose from so you're guaranteed to find one you like, and if you're worried about how it looks on the lips, just check out Lime Crime's Instagram page: @limecrimemakeup.

IMPORTANT EDIT: This post was written and published before the recent Lime Crime scandal where many people suffered fraudulent charges on their credit and debit cards, including my boyfriend who had purchased these lipsticks for me. My thoughts and opinions on the products themselves have not changed, but I highly doubt I will ever be buying from Lime Crime again, due to the shocking way in which they handled this situation - from deleting and ignoring the comments of the first group of people affected, to taking months to finally admit to their faults and inform people. I recommend reading up on the scandals involving this company and decide for yourself if you still want to buy from them. Some of the stories really shocked and concerned me, and had I known beforehand I'm not sure that I would have shopped with them. My personal advice would be to purchase your Lime Crime makeup from stockists instead.

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