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GoldCrush Hair Nutrients - c/o GoldCrush 

My hair has been through a lot over the years and as a result it's awfully dry and damaged. It's been bleached and basically every colour under the sun at some point. Now I've settled on blonde and obviously, it requires a bit of upkeep and looking after. I had resigned myself to having to keep my hair short, and don't get me wrong, I am obsessed with the long bob trend and I do love my hair. But, for Summer I have been lusting after those long blonde beachy waves. I'm hoping GoldCrush will be my saving grace and will either magically grow my hair to my waist, or at least get it healthy enough that some extensions won't ruin it completely.

GoldCrush contains an abundance of vitamins and nutrients, from Calcium and Iron to 8 different types of Vitamins. These combined help create healthier and happier hair, boosting the growth. It also aids in maintaining healthy skin and nails which as an added bonus, especially for me. My nails have been pretty brittle recently for some reason and I've always struggled with dull, dry skin. I started my GoldCrush journey this week and am super excited to see what improvements it makes. Within the package, I received a little chart to tick off each day, and a t-shirt which marks the length of my hair down the back, so it should be quite easy to keep track. (this comes free with the first 50 orders only, so buy quick!) I'll update you all over the next couple of months, and if you'd like to join me then check out what GoldCrush has to offer over on their website: There's lots of information there to let you know exactly what's in each capsule and the benefits of taking them.

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