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The Book of Everyone - c/o Little Bird PR
If you're struggling to find that perfect gift for someone who's perhaps a bit more picky or just difficult to buy for in general, we might have just saved your life. The Book of Everyone is a book which you can easily personalise and customise. They describe it as "a glorious celebration of any individual from 1-101 years old; beautifully personalised and perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, or just because they're special and deserve it."

 To start off, you put in the recipient's name and birthday and choose the colour you like best. We decided to create the book for our dad and give it to him for Christmas as every single year we desperately struggle to find him a gift. The book is then generated so that it relates to their birth year and provides lots of  random and interesting facts from then, such as the most popular film, song and even sweet. It talks about inventions and fashion and provides a really cool insight in to the year your recipient was born in to. Some sections of the book are completely customisable - you can choose different backgrounds, add your own text, quotes and even photographs! The book itself is of a great quality and the detail in the text and images is really amazing. It blew me away with just how fabulous it actually is and I'm so excited to be able to give it to my dad on Christmas. I'm certain he'll love it and honestly think it's one of the most personal and brilliant gifts I've ever seen. I'm secretly hoping that someone will see this post and decide to buy me one for myself!

If it all didn't sound incredible enough, The Book of Everyone has collaborated with Age UK and for every single book bought, they will "gift" one to an elderly person who otherwise may not receive a present this year. They believe that every person is amazing, and so everyone deserves an amazing gift. It's such a beautiful and thoughtful touch to the book and if possible, sold me on it even more. The Book of Everyone has exceeded my expectations and I would definitely purchase it for someone else in the future. It's difficult to get across how great it is, and so I really recommend checking out the website and creating a book online. It's completely free to do and means you can see exactly what every page will look like before you commit to buying.

P.S. The Book of Everyone own an ant farm and name one of their ants after your recipient. You can even check out your little ant buddy online via webcam!

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Nicole x

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