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Two tone earrings - Nasty Gal £11.50 | Gold o-ring necklace - Missguided £10.99 | Maybelline brow drama - Boots £4.99 | Pearl earrings - Asos £5 | Zara Black perfume - Zara £8
I don't have a lot of favourites this month for some reason but the ones I do have, I loooove. A couple of people mentioned the Maybelline brow drama and compared it to Benefit's gimme brow so I had to try it out. I'm obsessed with bushy brows and have been letting mine grow and go a bit wild for a while now in an attempt to embrace my natural shape. I fill them in lightly with a simple eyebrow pencil from Rimmel before brushing through with the brow drama wand. It darkens them a bit, adds a lot of thickness and ensures they're set in place all day! I've also bought quite a lot of jewellery recently and I'm especially enjoying wearing earrings. I'm constantly bundled up in scarves so have been shoving my hair up out of the way more often now, I feel like adding some earrings in cases like these adds a bit more to an outfit and helps you feel a little more glam and put together. 

My absolute favourite favourite of last month is this perfume from Zara. It smells so much more expensive than it is and is one of the best scents I have ever smelled. Unfortunately I couldn't find it online which I'm so disappointed about. I plan on picking up some more as I'm going through it pretty quickly and don't want to be without it ha, so hopefully they have them in stores! It smells feminine but without being overly sweet and floral which I'm not a huge fan of. Like most bloggers I really can't describe smells and it's apparently impossible to even find a description of it, so I seriously recommend having a sniff if you spot one.

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