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Jumpsuit - Missguided £29.99 | Heels - Primark £18 | Clutch - Primark £4 | Necklace - Forever 21 £5.50 | Rings - H&M £3.99 | Midi rings - Primark £1.50

At the weekend I went out for dinner with Andrew and his family for his mum's 50th so I wanted to wear something that allowed for a food baby but also looked good. I decided to go for a simple black jumpsuit with some gold details.
 I especially love the little gold bands on the heels and couldn't believe my luck when I found the last pair in my size. Primark are doing some amazing pieces right now actually!  Unfortunately the bad lighting combined with my out-of-battery camera resulted in some pretty shoddy quality photos so apologies for that. But, I do really like this outfit and wanted to get it posted. It's so understated yet chic, in my opinion anyway, haha. The jumpsuit is usually quite loose fitting I think but I wanted it to be a bit more fitted, plus I'm quite short, so I got mine in a 4 rather than a 6 like I'd usually go for. Keep that in mind if you're in between sizes or if you want it to fit a certain way!
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Nicole x