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Black tee - Primark £3 | Leather skort - Missguided £17.99 | Boots - eBay £34 | Choker chain - c/o Rock n Rose | Gold watch - eBay £3.99 | Rings - H&M £3.99 & old
Although it's now technically Spring, it's still quite dingy and dreary most days here and again, the lighting was near enough gone by the time I took these photos which is why my little Instagram selfie looks so much better than the real blog photos (well, that and the filter). I thought I'd include it as it gives a better idea of what my make-up looked like in actual daylight. My personal challenge is to become as confident in front of the camera as I am while taking my own photos on my phone ha. There's definitely a clear difference between the two, someone teach me how to be posy! Or maybe we should all ditch blog photos for filter-packed Instagram snaps?

My outfit itself is extremely simple and comfy, I tend to be gravitating more towards outfits like these lately rather than really fussy items. I dressed to match the bleak weather and decked myself out in head to toe black, complete with dark smokey eye. Despite it's simplicity and extreme lack of colour, I like this outfit as it includes different textures, chunky boots and a lot of jewellery. Adding texture is key to wearing an outfit which is all one block of colour in my opinion. I was also lucky enough to receive this absolutely gorgeous choker chain necklace from Rock n Rose and I am in love with it! It's definitely my style wrapped up in one item. If one piece of jewellery was used to define me, this would be it. I just love big, chunky, statement pieces as they can be worn with the simplest of outfits and instantly make them look better. 

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Nicole x


  1. You are gorgeous! And I love your style.
    I'm following you and your lovely blog now.
    Hope to speak soon,
    Laura xx

    1. Thank you so much gorgeous lady! I've followed you too!

      Nicole xx

  2. Hi I nominated you for the Liebster award more info is only blog x