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Sunday Brandeis - Blue Tote $142 (£85.33), Palette White Cross-Body - $65 (£39.06),  Essensial Mustard Backpack - $128 (£79.91)
Hello lovelies! Voguemondays received an email from two amazing ladies called Angela and Roi who have their own website for handbags. These aren't just regular handbags though, they're vegan! Stylish handbags which avoid hurting animals, can it get any better? Apparently yes, thanks to these wonderful ladies.

Their mission is 'Donate by Colour' which means every different colour of bag bought they donate some of the sale to a non-profit health organisation and increase the awareness of each cause! How wonderful is that? For example by buying the Blue Tote bag colon cancer fighters will receive some of the profit! With the white bag lung cancer fighters benefit and with the mustard backpack childhood cancer fighters! They have more styles and colours which help support more diseases. 

This is a really inspiring business and we would love if everyone could take a look at their website and help spread awareness! For our UK readers they do have an online retailer who ships internationally to the UK so the second website would be best for you guys.

Main Website:

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