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Dress - Boohoo £10 | UNIF Salem Boot - Nasty Gal £115.26 | Choker & Garter - Lost Keys | Transparent Clutch - Topshop sale £7 | Watch - eBay £2.98
Last night I went out for a friend's birthday and this is what I wore. I'm completely obsessed with these shoes and it was the first time I'd ever wore them out eek! They are so comfy and easy to wear surprisingly, plus they look so damn bad ass it's insane. I would never spend that much money on something like this, even though I drool over UNIF's products allllll the time, but my lovely boyfriend surprised me with these at Christmas and they've definitely made me consider splurging more often. Honestly, it's a bit sad how happy these shoes make me.

The choker and garter are hand made by a girl named Shelley who sells them on etsy, they're really cheap and are really well made too. You should definitely go check her items out as she has so many amazing pieces - I can't wait to get my hands on some more of them. She also has an instagram where she posts new ideas etc. so take a look on there too: l0stkeys.

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Nicole x


  1. omg that dress is beautiful I literally have the tab up right now and I'm so buying it haha :') You really suit your garter and choker too, plus if you're interested in stuff like that you should check out my shop!


    1. Yeah it's one of my favourites - so cheap too, get it! Ah thank you so much, I'll be sure to take a look and no doubt end up buying something! I'm a sucker for chokers and stuff haha :)