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Platform Sandals - La Moda £25 | Roll Neck Top - eBay £4.99 | Faux Leather Skirt - Forever 21 £12 | Satchel - La Moda £20
Holographic Nail Polish - Amazon £6.28

This outfit is mega girly for me but I couldn't help pair the shoes with something pastel and I'd recently bought this skirt in an attempt to add a little more colour to my wardrobe. It's a bit big around the waist which is slightly annoying but it does give it a more slouchy, comfortable feel. I'm crying out for S/S as you can tell ha, hologram and pastel is the new black. (well, almost)

I got this satchel a while ago before I started college and I still love it so much. La Moda are wonderful for bags and their new shoe range is ridiculously good too! Just look at these sandals! I'm so tempted to buy the all white ones next but according to their Instagram they have loads of amazing new stock coming in soon so I might hold off 'til then. You can follow them here: @lamodauk. Every purchase comes in a cute dust bag and my last purchase even came with some lovely little gifts. I'd definitely recommend taking a look at their website, everything is really well made and so affordable!

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Nicole x

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